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Deposit Rate Sheet
(Effective Date: May 02, 2017)
Deposit Scheme Tenure Rate (%) *After Tax Return
(Per Lac)
Monthly Earning Scheme 1 year - Up to 2 years 7.58 568.00
Quarterly Earning Scheme 1 year - Up to 2 years 7.58 1,704.00
Half Yearly Earning Scheme 1 year - Up to 2 years 7.58 3,408.00
Yearly Earning Scheme 1 year 7.50 6,750.00
*2 years and above 8.25 7,425.00
*01 year above Deposit *18 months -below 2 years 8.15 7,335.00
Short Term Deposit 3 months 7.25 1,631.00
6 months 7.25 3,262.00
Money Multiplier Scheme Double Money 7.5 years 190,000.00
Triple Money 11 years 280,000.00
* Simple rate applicable.
Large fund arrangement by deposit team or any other department is subject to prior approval from treasury department.
Amount of return has been calculated taking into consideration of 10% source tax.
Only Senior Citizens (Age 58 years or above) will be entitled to get 0.25% higher rate on earning scheme.
Excise Duty is chargeable based on the amount of deposit at the prescribed rate of the Government of Bangladesh.
Where the person furnishes e-TIN 10% Tax rate is applicable and where the person fails to furnish e-TIN, 15% Tax rate is applicable (As per section 53F of ITO, 1984 as amended up to date).
TDS @ 5% is applicable for any fund approved/recognized by NBR (As per section 35F of ITO, 1984 as amended up to date).
This rate is not applicable for Bank And NBFI Deposit.
Earning Scheme is applicable only for Individual deposittors.
The above mentioned rates shall be reduced by .25% lower in case of corporate/institutional deposits, except employee's provident fund and gratuity fund, workers participation fund and superannuation fund.
Papers Required:
i) For Individual:
One passport size photographs of the depositor is attested by the introducer.
ID (Passport, National ID / Voter ID etc.) of depositor.
One passport size photographs and NID of the nominee is attested by the Account holder.
Account holder e-TIN Certificate.
Source of fund supporting documents.
ii) For Institution:
Up to date Trade License and Schedule (x).
Company e-TIN Certificate.
Board Resolution regarding authorization of Account opening and account operation.
Photograph and National ID photocopy of all signatories is attested by the board secretary/other official.
Tax exemption or reorganization certificate for provident Fund/Gratuity Fund/Workers profit participation Fund/Welfare Fund/Superannuation Fund.
Note: The above rates are subject to change from time to time without prior notice as per decision of the IIDFC Management. Excise Duty and Income Tax are applicable as per government laws.
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