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Lease Finance is a financial arrangement between Lessor (borrower) and Lessee (lender) where Lessor grants the right to use an asset (Machinery, Equipment and Vehicle. etc.) to Lessee in exchange for payment as monthly or quarterly rental from Lessee.

IIDFC provides asset backed financing against procurement of necessary industrial machinery and equipment, vehicles and other productive assets for both manufacturing and service industries under leasing arrangement.
Financing may be extended up to 100% of the cost.
The Lease tenure may vary up to 2 to 5 years.
Rentals may be equal monthly or quarterly installments. Structured payment is available depending on nature of cash flow.
Legal ownership of the asset remains in the name of IIDFC throughout lease period and the ownership is transferred at the end of Lease term after full repayment of the liability on payment of transfer fee.
Advantage of Lease Financing
A simple and quick financing process
Leasing provides financial flexibility and allows enterprise to procure capital assets without blocking their own funds.
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