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Mission Statement
IIDFC's Vision is a High-Growth, Prosperous and Digital Bangladesh.
To make the impossible possible.
To promote PPP concept for rapid infrastructure and industrial growth.
To help promote better synergy and understanding between the public servants and private entrepreneurs.
To mobilize private sector resources for promoting large scale projects.
To participate in the privatization process of GOB-owned Undertakings.
To maintain high standard of integrity and ethics at all levels of management.
IIDFC's Commitment to the Nation
To contribute to the Country's economic growth in all possible ways.
To accelerate the process of industrialization.
To promote projects for removing infrastructure.
To help banish power outage permanently.
To promote SME as a major engine of growth.
To promote employment and expand self employment opportunities.
To promote low-cost housing projects for the urban middle class.
To promote Bangladesh as a desired destination for foreign investors.
IIDFC's Commitment to Clients
To provide superior and prompt customer service.
To offer quality-rich and price-competitive finance solutions to the clients.
To respond quickly to the needs of the entrepreneurs in an honest, creditable and timely manner.
Promote and serve equipment leasing and finance industry through partnership with the clients.
To maintain dignity and high ethical standard at all levels of management.
IIDFC's Commitment to Shareholders
To maximize shareholders wealth; by following strict complying guidelines of the regulators.
IIDFC's Commitment to employees
Help build and enhance core values of professional excellence.
To provide a congenial and supportive work place for the employees with appropriate compensation package.
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