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Periodical Earning Scheme
Periodical Earning Scheme on fixed investment are popular mode of financial planning among the households, senior citizens as well as professional individuals in the market. To cater to the needs of the target group, Periodical Earning Scheme has been designed by IIDFC. Any Bangladeshi Citizen, 18 years and above, is eligible to open IIDFC Periodical Earning Scheme account. Among its key features, attractive return, well-fitted tenures and simple means of profit calculation stand prominent. Periodical Earning Scheme is well- set to serve many of your useful purpose, say family maintenance, kid’s education expense and after retirement planning. If it sounds a great idea, go for a planning for Periodical Earning Scheme and give a good boost to your life.
IIDFC has three types of Periodical Earning Scheme
1) Monthly Earning Scheme:
Under this scheme, Depositor will receive monthly return against the deposit amount.
2) Quarterly Earning Scheme:
Under this scheme, depositor will receive a fixed equal amount at every quarter during the term of the deposit.
3) Half-Half-early Earning Scheme:
Under this scheme, depositor will receive half-yearly return against the deposit
Please refer to Deposit Rates for details
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