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Women Entrepreneur Loan
IIDFC promotes women entrepreneur loan scheme under SME division of the company with a dedicated desk. The company provides the loan in according to the guidelines and regulations of Bangladesh Bank and with some convenient conditions to the women entrepreneurs. There are some guidelines imposed by Bangladesh Bank and followed by the company as follows:
Minimum 15% of refinance by Bangladesh Bank has been allocated in order to give more industrial loan to women entrepreneur easily to boost industrial development of the country.
10% Bank rate will be applicable for the women entrepreneur against the loan scheme.
Bank and Financial institutes can give the loan maximum 25 lac against personal guarantee only if the loan owner is women or women are majority in the enterprise to get the loan against refinance scheme. With collateral security the loan can be provided up to 50 lac.
Bank or Financial institution will set up special care centre or dedicated desk for their selected division and will assure service-friendly attitude towards women entrepreneur.
Bank or Financial institution will deal all type of application submitted by small and medium women entrepreneurs with highest priority.
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