Vision & Mission Statement


“To deliver utmost financial solutions with innovation, creative values and service excellences in order to ensure superior financial performance and maximum stakeholder’s value”



Our competent and motivated team will ensure best financial services with a commitment for:

  • Offering innovative products and services.
  • Creating an exciting and stimulating work environment.
  • Improving the quality of life in the communities we serve.
  • Maintaining high ethical standards, integrity and compliance.
  • Optimizing return growth and creating value for shareholders.
  • Ensuring synergy by utilizing expertise both from private and public sector.
  • Mobilizing private sector resources through large scale project implementation



Strategic business objectives are statements that indicate critical or important organizational strategy to achieve long term goals. The strategic objectives of IIDFC PLC. are as follows:

  • To be a fully compliant Financial Institution.
  • To achieve sustainable and incremental portfolio growth
  • To have branch network in major cities of the country
  • To maintain high quality portfolio
  • To optimize return on investment
  • To diversify the portfolio, focusing on SME finance
  • To digitize the operation
  • To bring professionalism through efficient HR management
  • To ensure better working environment
  • To ensure adequate capital base as per BASEL requirement
  • To strengthen the brand value
  • To maximize the return to shareholders



Core values are the fundamental beliefs of an organization, guiding principles that dictate behaviour and help to understand the difference between right and wrong. It also helps a company to determine whether it is in the right path and fulfilling its goals by creating extraordinary customer services. The core values of IIDFC PLC are -

  • To provide extraordinary customer services
  • Offering innovative products/services towards value addition for customer
  • To ensure continuous efforts for innovation
  • Working for stakeholders' value additions
  • Partnering customers for national and industrial growth
  • To ensure full dedication for Total Quality Management
  • Improve and maintain workplace safety
  • To ensure financial sustainability and stable growth
  • To ensure excellent manpower and full utilization of HR
  • To streamline core business processes
  • Striving for full compliance
  • To ensure good corporate culture
  • Ensuring transparency and full disclosure reporting
  • To create a performance-focused culture
  • To ensure efficient resource management
  • To improve productivity with cross-functional teams
  • Investing for employee retention and capacity building
  • To ensure ICT driven operation
  • To diversify the growth opportunity and improve revenue streams